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The Music Education and Outreach Society

The Music Education and Outreach Society

When young people are exposed to the wonders and enchantment of classical music studies show that there are demonstrable intellectual, social and emotional benefits. NJFO has developed and continues to refine exciting and interactive education programs that provide rich cultural musical experiences for students from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds throughout the state of NJ.

At a time when government funding to the Arts is being drastically cut, your gift of $300 to join the Music Outreach and Education Society will be critical to help ensure that our pioneering outreach community programs will continue to thrive throughout central New Jersey . You will demonstrate leadership above and beyond the call of day-to-day operating support and become one of a special group of music lovers, dedicated visionaries and champions of music education for all. Your generosity and commitment will be gratefully acknowledged in concert programs.  Please consider making a donation to the Music Education and Outreach Society today.

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