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About the NJ Festival Orchestra

The New Jersey Festival Orchestra is one of New Jersey’s premier fully professional regional symphony orchestras.  The New Jersey Festival Orchestra’s mission is to promote the world’s legacy of symphonic and operatic music to audiences, involving them in this rich heritage through a diversity of innovative musical and multi-dimensional artistic experiences that stretch the boundaries of traditional classical performances.  Furthermore, the New Jersey Festival Orchestra’s mission encompasses education and mentoring initiatives as well as facilitating performances to physically, mentally and economically disadvantaged individuals of New Jersey, with the goal of enhancing their meaningfulness of life, spiritual and cultural awareness, and facilitating participation in the life of their communities otherwise limited by their condition.

The New Jersey Festival Orchestra was formerly the Westfield Symphony Orchestra. In order to continue the WSO’s growth trajectory and appeal to more patrons beyond Westfield – and even to some in Westfield - a name more suited to a statewide and even regional performing arts organization was necessary. WSO has therefore graduated to the next level with a statewide brand.  The new name stands for an ongoing celebration of the diversity of music.  It is a celebration not only of musical excellence but also of an exciting ability to create experiences that stretch the boundaries of traditional classical performances.  Programs will include classics from the orchestral repertory as well as a development of offerings that bring to life the fusion of fine arts and popular culture that have become the hallmark of NJFO excellence.  We believe that that our unique and dynamic approach to programming will further bring classical music to life and create an ongoing “festival” of compelling presentations worthy of our new name – New Jersey Festival Orchestra.

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