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Commissions and Premieres

  • Robert Aldridge - Violin concerto (NJ Premiere)
  • Bernstein/Sheng - Arias and Barcarolles (NJ Premiere)
  • R. Cohen - Of Eternity as a Closed System (world premiere)
  • Mathew Halpern - The Perfect Storm (world Premiere)
  • Mark McGurty - TeDeum, a sacred fanfare (world Premiere)
  • Sampson - Fanfare for Westfield (world Premiere)
  • Sampson - Triptych for Trumpet and Orchestra (NJ premiere)
  • Shapiro - concerto for Guitar (world premiere)
  • Sheng - H’un-In Memoriam (NJ premiere)
  • Walker - Antifons, original version (NJ premiere)
  • Zhou Long - Silk Clay (world premiere)
  • Zyman - Cello Concerto (world premiere)
  • Guitar Concerto (NJ premiere)
  • Piano Concerto (NJ premiere)